Game 5: Angels 5, Mariners 1

April 8, 2017 Connor 0

It must be the 1980s. Jogger pants are back in (and very comfortable), Russia and the US aren’t exactly talking right now, and the Mariners are losing. Yes, the Mariners haven’t done too hot over the last decade and a half, but the 80s were particularly taxing on baseball fans …[Full Article]

Mariners Game Three: Astros 5, Mariners 3

April 6, 2017 Connor 0

Poor Chase de Jong. In his MLB debut, he ends up with the loss after a George Springer walk-off three-run homer in the bottom of the 13th, and a ridiculous early season stat of a 40.50 ERA. Obviously, those numbers go down as the season goes along, but if Overton …[Full Article]

Mariners Game 2: Astros 2, Mariners 1

April 4, 2017 Connor 0

Welcome to the regular season, folks. The silver lining in an 0-2 start is that there is still a chance to end the season 160-2, and that the Mariners always seem to start off hot and win their first few games before self-destructing and looking like the team we all …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game Thirty-Six: Mariners 1, Rockies 1

April 1, 2017 Connor 0

I’ve mentioned before how the universe likes to spite me. Just recently, I’ve expressed my disdain for tie games in sports, particularly in Spring Training. Once I express that, the M’s go ahead and tie two straight games to finish the Spring. As we transition to the regular season, Mariner …[Full Article]

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