Game 39: Mariners 6, A’s 5

May 16, 2017 Connor 0

Let’s never go on the road again, ok? Ok. The M’s rebounded from a four-game series sweep in Toronto by coming home and pulling one out against the ugliest uniforms in the majors, the A’s. Also, why does Kyle Seager keep hitting home runs to that same exact spot? Gallardo …[Full Article]

Game 36: Blue Jays 4, Mariners 0

May 12, 2017 Connor 0

I’m still waiting for that call from DiPoto in response to my wiffle ball proficiency. I’m telling you, when I was six, I was launching bombs onto my family’s deck in the backyard. To six-year-old me, those were 450-foot moonshots, but they were likely no more than 50 feet in …[Full Article]

Game 35: Blue Jays 7, Mariners 2

May 12, 2017 Connor 0

It’s always really cool to see all these guys leave Seattle and do amazing things elsewhere. Except it’s actually really frustrating and probably my fault for bringing the world’s spiteful energy against the team I love. Justin Smoak had a killer game and the Mariners’ scotch tape pitching game couldn’t …[Full Article]

Game 34: Mariners 11, Phillies 6

May 12, 2017 Connor 0

I simply don’t understand this. A team absolutely destroyed by injuries is not only hangin’ in there, they’re thriving. The pitching, while lacking the arms that can eat up six or seven innings, is piecing it together, while DiPoto keeps dealing to maintain depth. I had a pretty successful return to …[Full Article]

Game 33: Mariners 10, Phillies 9

May 10, 2017 Connor 0

What on earth is going on? All of the Mariners’ starting pitchers are hurt, an outfielder assigned to AAA is leading the charge, and the M’s are refusing to be forgotten or written off. It’s beautiful, inspiring, and incredibly confusing all at the same time. Ben Freaking Gamel Not to …[Full Article]

Game 32: Mariners 4, Rangers 3

May 7, 2017 Connor 0

The M’s are now 6-3 since losing King Felix to injury, and have won two consecutive home series. That’s pretty decent, I guess. Dillon Overton got the start today in place of the injured James Paxton, Valencia kept the M’s in it, and Seager came to life for the dagger …[Full Article]

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