Game 48: Mariners 4, Nationals 2

May 25, 2017 Connor 0

Scott Servais is the freaking man. After calling out the Mariners’ lack of intensity after their fifth straight loss yesterday, Servais went out to argue a strike three call on Guillermo Heredia only to be ejected. Servais doesn’t come off as the Lou Piniella, fire-breathing, hat-throwing, red-faced kind of manager, …[Full Article]

Game 47: Nationals 5, Mariners 1

May 25, 2017 Connor 0

All is right in the world: news media is still biased and unreliable, Draymond Green is saying stupid things, and the Mariners lost. To make things even more OK, they got their one run. The Mariners lost their fifth straight and can now only hope to avoid the sweep. Gaviglio Still …[Full Article]

Game 45: White Sox 8, Mariners 1

May 24, 2017 Connor 0

Apparently the White Sox have the greatest offense in the history of baseball. I mean, there’s always the possibility that the Mariners are just having another Mariners kind of year (or month) and can’t handle a team that can hit the ball. Heston came out for his first Mariner start …[Full Article]

Game 44: White Sox 16, Mariners 1

May 21, 2017 Connor 0

I shamefully admit that I just checked to see if I could add Avisaíl Garcia to my fantasy team. He’s already been picked up, in case you’re wondering. Gallardo got rocked, the Mariner bats were essentially silenced for a second straight game, and the M’s can now only hope to …[Full Article]

Game 42: Mariners 5, White Sox 4

May 19, 2017 Connor 0

Someone has been setting MLB highlights to “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic and there’s nothing better.   GUILLERMO HEREDIA HITS A WALK OFF SINGLE AND THE MARINERS BEAT THE WHITE SOX!!! IT’S EVEN BETTER WITH TITANIC MUSIC!!! @Mariners — TheRenderMLB (@TheRenderMLB) May 19, 2017 // Also, my …[Full Article]

Game 41: Mariners 4, A’s 0

May 19, 2017 Connor 0

Christian Bergman had a pretty decent game, in case you hadn’t heard. The bullpen has been stretched thin lately, to say the absolute least, and Bergman’s game gave them the rest they needed. Segura Continues Hitting Streak Jean Segura is really good at hitting baseballs.  He’s also really good at …[Full Article]

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