Game 10: Astros 10, Mariners 5

My little league baseball team once lost a game 30-0. Apparently some local travel team got bored and wanted to play in our league and whooped everyone. I still felt happier after that game than I do watching the Mariners open the season 2-8.

Freeman Homers, Motter Dazzles

 A bright spot of last night’s game was Mike Freeman’s first career home run. I have an issue with Freeman wearing the number 6, as I feel that every member of the 1995 team should have their numbers retired (except that buttfaced shortstop), but he seems like a nice guy, so we’ll let it slide. Sorry, Dan Wilson.

Freeman told’s Evan Webeck: “It’s something you dream about as a kid, so in that regard it’s special. But at the same time, it’s tough. You want to get here and do anything you can to help the team win, and unfortunately we didn’t win tonight. That’s kind of taken precedence amongst everything.”

What a pro. If I hit a home run in a fat guy softball league, I’d put it on my resume, and this guy’s acting like he’s sad his team lost when he just hit his first big league jack. One-hundred percent chance he stayed up past his bedtime last night and ate something sugary.

Taylor Motter continues to hit things, adding another double and a home run last night. If Motter has a real breakout year and gets some attention, he could be a very rich man at the hands of Paul Mitchell or the likes.

The Bullpen is a China Shop

I take back everything I’ve said about Mariners pitching being good so far this year. Yeah, they’ve had a few good games, and Felix and Paxton are still solid, but the bullpen is a bloody nightmare. Altavilla had really been the one bright spot in the bullpen, but came out and had a bad showing to earn the loss. I miss the ‘pen of a few years ago, when everything else was shot but at least we could get outs.

Greg Johns reports that the M’s bullpen is near the bottom of the league with an ERA above 7. That’s pretty bad.


Cishek Looking Healthier

According to an ESPN update, reliever Steve Cishek, who served as the M’s closer to start last season, is looking like he could start a rehab stint soon and be on a quicker track to the MLB club than expected.

The M’s have the night off today, thank goodness. They host the Rangers for a three-game series starting tomorrow, Felix gets the start.