Game 12: Mariners 5, Rangers 0

The Mariners’ first-half season highlights will be a huge crowd pleaser, particularly amongst women. We have Taylor Motter to thank for that. He just keeps hitting and driving in runs and dazzling the masses, and we are all thankful. Paxton and Motter were the stars of the show yesterday as the M’s strung together their first consecutive wins so far this year.

Blame Canada

 James Paxton is finally reaching the potential that Mariner fans and coaches have been waiting for. He was absolutely dominant through eight innings, striking out nine while only allowing two hits. Rangers manager Jeff Banister told reporters: “I think that Paxton threw the ball extremely well against us tonight. He kept it in tight to our hitters, was able to expand when he got ahead, he used the breaking pitch and the changeup to keep us off balance, he played the up-fastball game very well tonight, and he landed a lot of pitches and made it extremely challenging for us tonight.”

That gives Paxton a 2-0 record to start the season with an ERA of 0.00. Felix is still the King, but Paxton is making a solid case to be the ace of the rotation.

Who Needs Segura?

 I’d like to think Taylor Motter could keep this up all year long and we can keep Segura on the bench, just to have a lineup so awesome that not even Jean Segura would start. When asked by the media if he’s experienced any previous streaks like this one, he responded: “That’s a good question. In 2015, I felt pretty good, so maybe 2015, but this has been a heck of a run so far.”

Motter, who would look like any average male shampoo spokesman on the street, is apparently built out of granite and protein powder; his hits the last few games haven’t been cute little bloop singles, he has been absolutely crushing the ball any time he makes contact. All six of his hits this season have been for extra bases, with four doubles and two homers. His three-run shot last night put the icing on the cake in a shutout win over Texas.

Kyle Seager opened the scoring with a two-run single in the sixth, scoring Haniger and Canó. Seager has driven in seven this year with a .250 average, which should rise as the season goes along. He made a quiet surge at the end of Spring Training after maintaining a relatively low average, so his ability to make adjustments is definitely there.


Seattle looks to complete the sweep today against Texas as Kuma takes the mound against lefty Cole Hamels.