Game 26: Indians 12, Mariners 4

Chase de Jong has taken a swan dive out of the frying pan and into the fire this season.

His MLB debut consisted of giving up a walk-off home run, followed up by some quality work against Oakland, and now this. Lasting just 2.2 innings, he gave up nine hits, six earned runs, two walks, and a home run to 2017’s Flavor of Last Year’s Playoffs Francisco Lindor. I’m sure he’s trying his best, and it’s a tough spot to be thrown into, but if all Mariner fans feel anything like I do, Safeco should be rocking with profanity and anguished cries, not unlike a Philadelphia Eagles game.

Nelson Cruz Still Hitting Things Really Hard

A few years ago I played in a corporate games dodgeball tournament. It was just for fun, obviously, but things stop being fun when your team sucks so incredibly bad at something that it causes you to stop and stare in awe. It really was shocking. In the end, AKA after about 20 seconds, it was me and another guy left standing against the completely intact opposing team. My slight (by slight, I mean built like a middle-school girl) frame jumped and dodged and caught everything they threw, while the other guy, much larger and stiffer, drilled people all over the place. I think he was a pitcher in college, but who knows.

Nelson Cruz is kind of like the bigger, slower, stronger dodgeball all-star with whom I stared in awe at our team of 20-something year old garbage bags full of water lose so badly. Obviously, his team is a whole lot better than my squad of pastry dough spokespeople, but he has to be frustrated when he continues crushing baseballs on his own. He probably yawns when he rounds the bases. He leads the M’s with seven long balls and 23 driven in.

CanĂ³, Seager, Haniger, Motter, and even Heredia have produced well over the season, but everyone has to be looking at the bullpen in shock and disappointment.

Chase de Jong commented on the M’s lineup after the loss:”Our lineup is too good to be held to one run. I mean, we have guys on this team that are professional hitters and have been for a long time. This is a very very good offensive team.”

You’re right, Chase. It is a good offensive team. It’s not a good pitching team right now.

Eight-run Third Swamps Seattle

De Jong struggles really came to a head in the third inning, when he was relieved by Casey Fien. The Indians strung together eight runs, from which the M’s could never recover.

“Going to be lucky sometimes,” Nelson Cruz said after the game. “They got a lot of breaks, they scored a lot of runs in [the third] inning. Unfortunately for us we didn’t find those holes and we didn’t get those breaks. That’s just the way baseball goes.”

Apparently that’s how baseball goes for 40 years.

The M’s begin a three-game series against the Angels, Jimmy Big Maple gets the start tonight.