Game 32: Mariners 4, Rangers 3

The M’s are now 6-3 since losing King Felix to injury, and have won two consecutive home series. That’s pretty decent, I guess. Dillon Overton got the start today in place of the injured James Paxton, Valencia kept the M’s in it, and Seager came to life for the dagger to bring in the win.

Overton Makes First Start With M’s

Mariner arms continue to step up in the absence of rotation stalwarts Felix Hernandez and James Paxton. Overton didn’t give the M’s the six or seven innings they likely wanted, but kept the damage during his 3.1 innings pitched to a minimum. A spot start in place of someone like James Paxton or Felix Hernandez is a tall task for a bullpen arm, but the guys have been up to it, and have been bailed out by plenty of offense from a Mariner lineup that just won’t quit.

The M’s called up Christian Bergman from AAA on Sunday morning to keep the bullpen fresh after back-to-back starts from Chase de Jong and Dillon Overton, and Bergman put in a solid 3.2 in relief of Overton. “Another day, another new guy,” said Scott Servais. “It’s the state of where we’re at right now, just trying to make the best of what we’ve got. That’s why the roster was put together the way it was, so we could shuffle some of these guys back and forth. And we’ve been doing it.”

It’s refreshing to see that these guys they’re shuffling in and out aren’t just placeholders or ‘good enough’ while they wait for Felix or Paxton to get back, they’re winning games and putting in solid time. From pitchers to outfielders to Ben Gamel’s hair, the depth of the Mariners is something new and nearly unknown for the franchise.

Seager Wakes Up to Win it

Kyle Seager hasn’t had the hottest start, given the weight placed on his shoulders by the franchise. It took him 31 games to get his first home run at Safeco, and it didn’t come a moment too soon. “I’ve been feeling good the last couple days and hitting the ball a little harder,” said Seager. “Thankfully that one got out.”

The Seagers couldn’t be a more impressive family, with that handsome devil doing great things in Los Angeles and another brother drafted by Seattle in 2013. All my brother and I have to impress people is our metabolism, and that is quickly fading away, according to my recently acquired spare tire. Kyle is bound to produce more as the season goes on.

The M’s head to Philadelphia for a two game series starting on Tuesday, followed by a series with Toronto.