Game 34: Mariners 11, Phillies 6

I simply don’t understand this. A team absolutely destroyed by injuries is not only hangin’ in there, they’re thriving. The pitching, while lacking the arms that can eat up six or seven innings, is piecing it together, while DiPoto keeps dealing to maintain depth. I had a pretty successful return to the wiffle ball field this last weekend, maybe if I make a cool enough YouTube video, DiPoto while ring me up. Then I can sell my orange van, get an HD camera, and Tammy will let me come back home.

Canó Wakes Up, Ruiz Shows Off

Robbie’s had a pretty slow start to the season, compared to his usual pace. He sprang to life and drove in three against the Phillies, part of a major offensive outburst by the M’s.

“He was swinging the bat really good yesterday and I think that’s kind of why he wanted to figure out a way to get in there, even though he’s not feeling 100 percent,” said Servais. “He was joking about it all day. ‘Do you want me to sit out now?’

Canó had people concerned after leaving Tuesday’s game early with pain in his right quadriceps, but showed he’s still the man by going 4-5.

Carlos Ruiz has had a cool little homecoming of sorts in Philadelphia, where he won a World Series in 2008, greeted with major cheers from the Philadelphia crowd. He gave the fans what they didn’t really come to see but loved anyway by driving in four runs, three of which came on a bases-loaded double.”I felt like my legs were not on the ground,” Ruiz said of his double. “It was real special. That was huge for my team and also to see the ovation from the fans who supported me. I say thank you to them because they were really good to me while I was here. I’m so happy they did that and at same time happy that we got a ‘W.'”

Bullpen Straining Under Weight of Injured Starters

One has to wonder how long the Mariners can keep up their game of replacing starters’ lost innings with relievers. Chase de Jong, a talented but very young arm, has been bumped up a day early with Kuma hitting the DL with shoulder inflammation. Nothing against the Phillies, but they aren’t exactly the cream of the crop of the Majors right now. De Jong has struggled against better teams than Philadelphia, and a squad with the weapons like Toronto is likely to challenge him. It’ll be an interesting test for this very damaged Mariner roster headed to the mediocre white north.