Game 37: Blue Jays 7, Mariners 2

There was a whole lotta spite going on in this one.

I’ve mentioned how the world loves to spite me; I know I won’t get pulled over until the day I forget my wallet at home, the phone only rings at work when I get to doing something interesting, my sister’s bulldog very intentionally sat on my foot to fart on it, and I’ve been a Mariners fan for as long as I can remember.

Between former Mariners Dominic Leone and Kendrys Morales and King of Stupid Jose Bautista, the spite was off the hook and the M’s lose yet again.

Bullpen Bursts At the Seams

This game featured another one of Scott Servais’ famous quilt-like bullpen uses. Nobody puts in a ton of innings, but they get stitched together into an itchy, rough wool quilt with a ton of holes in it. Also, your little brother wet the bed with it.

Actually, this wasn’t a horrible performance by the M’s bullpen. Recent call-up Ryan Weber put in a solid 3.2 innings before leaving with a sore shoulder, adding to the Mariner laundry list of injuries. Everything held together until Nick Vincent wet the bed and allowed 3 runs off a home run from stupid face Jose Bautista.

“It’s been a wild year so far,” Mariners manager Scott Servais said after the game. “We’re six or seven weeks into this thing and we had our ninth starter out there today. It’s hard to imagine you could ever plan for anything like this.”

A bright spot of the game was that Mariner pitching allowed zero walks. Yes, they gave up two home runs, seven runs and lost the game, but the lack of walks is important, particularly with DiPoto and Servais’ emphasis on controlling the zone.

Why is the Two-Spot Raking?

The simple answer to this question could be that Mitch Haniger and Ben Gamel are good at hitting, but it’s more fun to speculate. Since Haniger’s injury on April 25th, Gamel has batted all but three games in the two spot, behind Jean Segura. While the idea of Jean Segura’s awesomeness being responsible for Gamel’s great start, what can be said of Haniger’s solid beginning to the season? While Segura was out from 4/11 to 4/25, Haniger hit .404 with five doubles and 11 RBI. During this two-week stretch, Haniger was batting primarily behind Jarrod Dyson with Guillermo Heredia filling in on occasion. With the exception of the Heredia-Haniger lineup, the M’s have come out with a righty-lefty/lefty-righty variation in the 1-2 spots of the lineup.

The simple answer, without getting into too many obscure statistics, would be good managing. Segura is clearly a better hitter than Dyson or Heredia, and that benefit of hitting behind him can only have good benefits for Ben Gamel while we wait for Haniger to get back.

The M’s look to avoid the disgusting four-game sweep tomorrow against Toronto before heading home to face Oakland.