Game 41: Mariners 4, A’s 0

Christian Bergman had a pretty decent game, in case you hadn’t heard. The bullpen has been stretched thin lately, to say the absolute least, and Bergman’s game gave them the rest they needed.

Segura Continues Hitting Streak

Jean Segura is really good at hitting baseballs.  He’s also really good at breathing with his mouth open, but that’s beside the point. With his performance in the win over Oakland, Segura extended his streak to 18 games, during which streak he is hitting .389 and now leads the American League with a .359 average. Basically, what I’m saying is I don’t even miss Taijuan Walker or Ketel Marte. Not even a little bit.

“He has a real knack for getting the barrel on the ball and hitting all kinds of pitches,” Servais said. “Sometimes it gets him in trouble, because he thinks he can hit every pitch, but he has some kind of eye-hand coordination. He’s fun to watch hit.”

Ben Gamel continues to hit well in the second spot, coming away with two hits including his first career triple, which led to a Mariner run. The problems for the Mariners over the last month or so have had little if nothing to do with the offense; I’m blown away with the depth they’ve shown in the outfield, it’s been all about the pitching staff.

Bergman Eats Up Innings, Gains Zero Pounds

Not long ago I compared the Mariners pitching staff to a less-than-stellar quilt with holes in it. They’ve asked so much of their bullpen and made tons of trades and acquisitions to alleviate some of the pressure, but it still just hasn’t worked out. Bergman was able to come in and take a lot of work from the bullpen, leaving just five outs to James Pazos, who took care of business.

“That was just awesome to watch,” Pazos said of Bergman’s performance. “We needed it for sure, and he got it. It was great to watch. When we can sit back, and watch him deal like that, and then come out and pitch with the lead, it’s a game-changer.”

The M’s take the series with this victory over the A’s, and now prepare to host the White Sox for another home series.