Game 45: White Sox 8, Mariners 1

Apparently the White Sox have the greatest offense in the history of baseball. I mean, there’s always the possibility that the Mariners are just having another Mariners kind of year (or month) and can’t handle a team that can hit the ball. Heston came out for his first Mariner start only to get firehosed off the mound, the M’s offense fizzled again without Canó in the lineup, and the M’s drop the series to Chicago on a three-game losing streak.

M’s Look Like a High School Team

There are so many variables in baseball, and so many things that can change from one day to another. There is so much energy and effort dedicated to scrutinize the most obscure stats and circumstances in baseball, but the plain and simple answer to the White Sox’ performance against Seattle in this series is simply that the M’s arms are tired and the offense wasn’t dialed in.

“It was a rough series obviously,” said Scott Servais. “The starting pitching struggled to get us in the flow of the game here the last couple nights.”

“We’ll be OK. I know it’s hard for the guys in the clubhouse right now to see that. We will eventually get healthy. We just have to continue fighting, clawing. It’s adverse times. We knew it was coming, now we have to deal with it.”

I admire Servais’ optimism moving forward, but I can’t shake the fact that the M’s just got outscored 26-3 by the second-worst team in arguably the weakest division in baseball, a team that had gone 4-10 over the last two weeks. They’re not making plays they need to, leaving pitches where pitches should never be, and getting too far behind for their offense to really think they can rally.

Cruz Provides the Only Offensive Spark

The good news is that Nelson Cruz is still crushing baseballs, despite the lack of legitimate motivation to do so. The M’s went 0-2 with runners in scoring position, while the White Sox went 5-14. Yes, the White Sox had 14 chances with runners in scoring position. You simply can’t compete with that.

The M’s now head to DC to face the Nationals, Heaven help us.