Game 47: Nationals 5, Mariners 1

All is right in the world: news media is still biased and unreliable, Draymond Green is saying stupid things, and the Mariners lost. To make things even more OK, they got their one run. The Mariners lost their fifth straight and can now only hope to avoid the sweep.

Gaviglio Still a Good Option

Sam Gaviglio was handed the loss after allowing five runs over six innings. The good news is that only one run was earned, and Gaviglio’s ERA is low at 1.38. Despite his lack of experience, Gaviglio is providing the Mariners with a steady arm and opportunities to win. Five of the Nats’ runs came in the first two innings after a throwing error by Segura, but Gaviglio managed to throw four shutout innings against one of the better, if not best, offenses in baseball.

The M’s have worked with a lot of young pitchers over this wild ride with four of five starters on the DL, several bullpen arms down, and probably the entire front office out as well. Chase de Jong has probably embodied the struggles the most of any pitcher (apart from Evan Marshall clutching his hamstring while on his back on the mound, screaming). I’m sure the M’s would love to have those de Jong starts back and throw Gaviglio in there.

Mariners Lack Intensity

One of the most frustrating parts of being a Mariners fan over the last fifteen years has been an apparent lack of urgency. One of the most exciting things leading into this season was the clear desire to win by DiPoto, evident by all the roster moves he was making. Before that, everyone seemed content with losing, like it was normal. We’ve been through ten managers since 2001, and struggled to piece together a decent roster until this year, and the roster itself fell apart as injuries plagued the clubhouse.

As a lifelong Mariner fan, I have no patience for excuses anymore but reluctantly find myself being understanding of the struggles. In a refreshing change of events, the M’s themselves don’t share my point of view:

“We got to pick up our intensity,” manager Scott Servais said after the M’s picked up their fifth straight loss. “We’re better than this. I’ve had enough of it, and we need to dial it up a bit.”

I feel like Servais has the best job security of any manager the M’s have had since Lou Piniella. His friendship with DiPoto, apart form the fact that DiPoto was allowed to handpick Servais, doesn’t have the feel of a temporary move or a band-aid on the deep wound Zduriencik cut into this organization with his dishonesty and self-serving moves; Servais has every reason to lay back and enjoy the fact that he makes millions off of a game, but no. He’s a competitor, all these guys are competitors, and it’s beyond refreshing to hear even the smallest blurb of urgency from a manager.

The M’s look to avoid the sweep and turn things around against Washington tomorrow as they wrap up the series.