Game 49: Red Sox 3, Mariners 0

I think I’d take the one run and a loss over a shutout. The M’s continue the frustrating road series by being shut out by the Red Sox in Boston. All in all, this is a difficult road series, facing three of the hottest teams in baseball in Washington, Boston, and a Rockies team that has had people talking this season. Seattle’s road woes over the season and depleted roster make it all the more difficult, but the drive to win and the urgency and intensity, a key word in this road trip, just haven’t been there.

Why I Despise the Red Sox

I admit that most of my sports opinions are pretty cynical, I attribute this to being a lifelong fan of a team like the Mariners, but I just can’t help but love them. I live in an area without many professional sports teams, and the one that we do (the Jazz, I don’t count American soccer as a real professional sport) is pretty disappointing to its own fans. So what happens is that anytime a cool team wins a championship after being awful for a long time or once a team becomes really fashionable, every Utahan hops on the bandwagon and acts like they have cheered for the team for their entire life. That’s why we have an unnatural amount of Patriots, Red Sox, Seahawks, Warriors, and now Cubs “fans” in Utah.

Within the last two years, I asked a so-called Red Sox “fan” to make me a list of their favorite players. After what I’m assuming was a quick Google search, they came back with Xander Bogaerts, Kevin Youkilis (wasn’t on the team anymore), and David Ortiz, and Big Papi. I then explained that David Ortiz and Big Papi are the same person, so they scratched one of those two out.

So that’s why I’m not a fan of the Red Sox.

M’s lack Urgency

Over their last three losses alone, two one-run performances against Washington and the shutout in this matchup, the Mariners have gone 1-14 with runners in scoring position. This has been such a concern and trend over the entire season that Lookout Landing┬ábegan challenging people to do one rep of a certain workout per every runner left in scoring position. For example, if you choose to run one mile for every guy left on, you would run three miles after a game in which the Mariners leave three men on base. The M’s continue to leave guys on, and it’s been more than frustrating.

“Again offensively, we struggled to put innings together,” said Scott Servais. “That’s kind of been the story here for the last week or so. We just have not got the line moving at all, for whatever reason. Seems like we start to get something going and then we don’t get the big hit. Guys are frustrated by it. We all are. We’re better than that offensively. It’s not happening right now.”

The most frustrating thing is that the good pitching performances aren’t matched by good offense, and vice versa. The M’s are out of sync and in a huge funk. Hopefully they can make it through the series without much damage.