Game 53: Mariners 10, Rockies 4

Guys the Mariners just won three in a row and everyone’s still hurt. Actually, more people are hurt, which is awful news. Seager continues to swing a hot bat, Miranda put in another quality start, the M’s smacked the cover off the ball, and everything’s lining up for a run to make up ground in the AL West.

The Bad

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first: Nelson Cruz is hurt. Usually when the term “calf tightness” comes up, I just brush it off and figure he’ll be back in the mix tomorrow, but with how things are going lately I’m picturing Servais and DiPoto waiting nervously in the ER waiting room to hear if Nellie’s alive or not.

“We need his presence,” manager Scott Servais said prior to the game. “And not just in our lineup, in our dugout, in the game. He’s a big part of our leadership group. Left-hander out there today. Yesterday worked out OK. They hit the first ball of the game at him, and it was like, ‘Here we go again,’ but it was good.”

Again, I don’t ever mean to be insensitive, but the concept of somebody fielding a single fly ball and being injured enough to sit reminds me a lot of my out-of-shape friends. Literally five minutes of low-to-medium-intensity basketball results in at least one lingering injury. Of course, Cruz is infinitely more athletic than all of us and years of professional athletics have put strain on his body, but the thought is still there. Fortunately, he appears confident in his ability to play on Wednesday.

The Good

The eight game road trip had some really low lows but a pretty high upside. First off, the M’s rattled off 19 hits in Tuesday’s game alone, and 45 total over three straight victories. Edwin Diaz is back on track, and they split the series 4-4, when we all expected them to go 0-8, let’s be honest.

Ariel Miranda continues to be more than solid filling in for Drew Smyly on his long DL stint. He earned his fifth win after putting in five innings of work, and while his ERA still hangs a little too high at 4.17, he had the run support to hang in there.

Kyle Seager has officially awoken from his annual April hibernation, homering in two straight games and driving in seven runs in their two-game stand at Coors.

“Kyle’s been awesome,” Servais said. “He really swung the bat with authority. He probably could have had four or five home runs on this road trip. Today, he finally got one over the fence.”

Segura continues to be exactly who we thought he was¬†and put in four hits in tonight’s victory.

The M’s finally return to Safeco for tomorrow’s game, hosting the Rockies. Also, JAMES PAXTON COMES BACK TOMORROW (insert crying and confetti emojis). The M’s will have a 10-game homestand, and Safeco has never sounded safer or better.