Game 7: Angels 10, Mariners 9

I promise Edwin Diaz has played baseball before.

Today was everything Mariner fans have been wanting so far this season, until the ninth inning. Casey Fien gave up a home run to Pujols to start off the ninth, and Diaz blew the save and earned the loss by allowing two straight walks on eight pitches and giving up three runs, including the winning run by Mike Trout off a Cliff Pennington single.

‘Kuma Comes Out Solid

 Hisashi Iwakuma got the start today, his second of the young campaign, and it was a great one. He went for six innings and allowed only two hits and walked three, with only one earned run. The starting rotation has been nothing but consistent so far this year. Sure, they aren’t throwing no-hitters every night, but who is? They’re keeping runs to a minimum and controlling the zone, and getting outs. That’s all we can ask.

Really the pitching was excellent until the ninth inning, when Casey Fien and Edwin Diaz teamed up for a tragedy.

Robinson Freaking Canó

 Great news, everyone: Robbie’s back. Canó came to life today, slugging his first homer of the year, a three run shot off of Shoemaker, and bringing in another two runs with a bases-loaded double. I can’t wait to see what happens when Cruz and Seager wake up.

Mitch Haniger continues to be the coolest guy on the team, hitting his third homer of the season, a 427 foot shot to center field. Edgar told us Haniger would be the biggest surprise this year, and Edgar is always right. ALWAYS. If you questioned Edgar, shame on you.

Carlos Ruiz and Kyle Seager also came through with RBIs, a great, all-around performance for Seattle today.

About That Ninth Inning

I’ve been on the short end of some pretty stunningly disappointing sports losses; Beast Mode should have run that thing in. Today was pretty shocking. The Angels batted around in the ninth inning and scored seven runs. Diaz simply had no control over his slider, putting the majority of his eight straight balls into the left handed batter’s box. I understand the move to keep him in; nobody can blow a lead like that.

Except, whoops, the Mariners can.


The Mariners head to Seattle for their home opener against that devil George Springer and the Astros, James Paxton gets the start.