Game 9: Astros 7, Mariners 5

Mitch Haniger didn’t lose this game.

Let’s not forget that Haniger was the one to draw three walks and smack a double, his third of the year, and he was not the one to load the bases. Miranda had a rough game, and Haniger did his best on a not-so-routine, although probably catchable, flyball. The M’s see the personnel issues pretty clearly, hence the call-ups between Tacoma and the major league club today, now they need to do better to manage in situations like the one they found themselves in last night.

Miranda had lost control and the game once he walked McCann, he should have been taken out then. Pazos may not have fared any differently, but Miranda wasn’t controlling the zone, and he hadn’t for most of the game.

Motter and His Hair

Good heavens, this man. He stepped up and smacked three very hard hit doubles, his first three hits of the season. He was the first Mariner shortstop to hit three doubles in a game in twelve years, if I remember correctly.

Haniger, Canó, and Dyson eached picked up RBIs. Canó now has seven on the season after his explosion against the Angels, and now has a six-game hitting streak. I absolutely love watching Canó hit. He always looks like he just rolled out of bed, completely calm and chilled out, but then he unleashes fire when he swings the bat. Gotta love it.

The Mariner offense has certainly come to life, hopefully the pitching can get some life back with the recent change of sending Fien to AAA and calling up Marshall.

George Springer is Stupid

 Someone needs to stop this guy. His leadoff homer last night was his fifth bomb of the season, and he shows no signs of stopping. I feel like the AL West is the only division with guys like this; you never see anyone crazy out of the AL Central. Maybe you do, I’m just frustrated is all.




Yovani Gallardo gets the start tonight as the M’s finish their series against Houston.