Mariner Spring Training Game Seventeen: Brewers 24, Mariners 3

Great news, the Milwaukee Brewers beat a high school JV team today. Just kidding, it was the Mariners and I’m ashamed. This is one of those moments when the coach, feigning enthusiasm, walks through the locker room saying “Alriiiiiiight! What’d we learn today?” After his team gets destroyed.

Hisashi Iwakuma didn’t last his full three innings, allowing seven earned runs, two home runs, and two walks. As expected, he said: “I have nothing to say today that went well.” Same here, Kuma. Same here. We definitely can’t use today as a sign of anything to come for Kuma, given his track record and reliability in the past, so it’s best just to forget and move on for him.

Ryan Weber pitched part of the fourth inning, which basically became a slaughterhouse. He allowed eight hits and eight earned runs. Brett Ash worked part of the fourth and fifth and allowed five hits, two walks, and seven earned runs. Nothing worked for the Mariner arms today.

Ben Gamel was a highlight of the game, hitting a solo shot in the first inning. He and Guillermo Heredia went into today’s game with the two best averages in the Cactus league, another great sign for the Mariner outfield. Unfortunately, he couldn’t string anything else together for Seattle, and Heredia went hitless again.

Daniel Vogelbach showed his power, hitting his first home run of the season, a two run shot in the seventh inning. It’s good to see some power from the other corner infielder.

Defensively, the experiment of Danny Valencia in right field doesn’t look to have gone as planned. The Brewers hit six doubles, many of which were hit on line drives to right field. Valencia’s utility may end in the infield; he may lack the speed to get the ball in on liners hit to the outfield. Although, with as poorly as this game went for the Mariners and as excellent as it went for Milwaukee, we need to take everything with a grain of salt. It’s likely better to throw all analysis of this game to the side and forget about it.

Felix Hernández’s Venezuela squad is currently playing a tiebreaker game against Italy, the winner of which advances to the next round of play. The winner will face the United States, who handled Canada 8-0 last night, in San Diego on Wednesday. The Dominican Republic face Puerto Rico, a rematch of the 2013 final, tomorrow in San Diego.