Mariners Spring Training Game Thirty-Four: Mariners 3, Dodgers 3

This is why I can’t be a soccer fan.

Ted Lasso was spot on: “Ties, and no playoffs. Why do you even do this?” I’m just glad we’re getting this nonsense out of the way in the Spring. The Europeans can have their ties and iceless soda and tiny cars, I want a winner.

The Mariners Have Clayton Kershaw’s Number

 In their last matchup, the M’s took Kershaw deep three times. He came out for three innings and gave up a double, two runs, and two walks and didn’t record a single strikeout. That seems like a pretty pedestrian outing for any other arm in the game, but for the greatest pitcher in the game, it seems like a struggle for him and a solid outing for the Mariner offense.

Nelson Cruz doubled in Jean Segura to get the Mariners on the board, immediately followed by a single by Kyle Seager which brought Nelly home. Very efficient offense against a powerful pitcher.

Heredia Steps Up

Guillermo Heredia took full advantage of his chances at the plate, going 2-2 with a double, and working the basepaths to tie the game in the ninth and lock down the- not…loss for the Mariners. I’ve mentioned it before, but even when he’s not driving in runs like he did to start off the Spring, he’s a distraction and a force when he gets on base or even puts the ball in play. On routine groundballs, infielders rush their throws and his odds of forcing an error go up.

Iwakuma Struggles…Again

 Ok, I’m worried about Iwakuma now. It could be something as simple as overthinking, which seemed to be the case today from his comments to Greg Johns: “I had a hard time focusing against the hitters. I was more worried about my mechanics and I couldn’t find my balance at all. So that’s something I need to work on for the next five days.” He struggled with his control, allowing four walks and two earned runs over 1.2 innings pitched before being replaced by Dan Altavilla.

The damage would have been worse were it not for a beautiful throw by Jarrod Dyson to nab Scott Van Slyke at the plate to end the first inning. The play held the Dodgers to one run on the play, despite the bases being loaded. Dyson is ready for his every-day starting job, and he’s showing it.


The M’s get a day off tomorrow, then host the Rockies in Peoria for their second-to-last game of the Spring on Friday. They open the regular season in Houston on Monday.