Mariners Spring Training Game Thirty-One: Mariners 7, Reds 6

The State of Ohio needs to hold a meeting. In this meeting, they should discuss the naming of their professional sports teams, specifically the Browns and the Reds. Perhaps the names stay the same out of respect for history, but these names have to be some of the poorest examples of creative thinking this country has ever seen. Also, both teams are bad at sports.

Motter Pouring It On

There’s a 90% chance Motter gets his power from his hair. If he cuts it, he’ll end up like me, and NOBODY deserves that. He came out and went 2-4 with a double and his second home run in as many days. He’s solidifying his role as a bench utility player, which basically became a sure thing when O’Malley went down with appendicitis. His “sneaky power” will be valuable off the bench, as will his ability to play literally any position on the field.

Outfield Battle Continues to Heat Up

 Mitch Haniger hit his tenth double of the Spring, he’s a lock for a starting job on Opening Day. The question remains as to who, Ben Gamel or Guillermo Heredia, will fill in the fourth outfielder spot. Gamel has experienced an offensive surge of late, with three RBIs over the last two games. Heredia has cooled down a bit since his hot start to the Spring, but continues to contribute even if the stat line doesn’t say so. His speed on the basepaths has caught the attention of opposing players, who rush their throws to get him at first. His speed caused an error today which led to an unearned run, which is still a run. Even if he’s not recording doubles, let alone an official base hit, his speed and presence is intimidating for opposing teams, and his defense has been phenomenal.

Again, my vote is with Heredia. His speed, power, and defense are solid and he’s ready to contribute. Gamel has a strong case as a left handed bat with good speed and good hair. Not Motter hair, but good hair.

Smyly Sputters

It’s ok, take a minute to admire my simple alliteration.

Drew Smyly has had a great Spring and a solid performance in the WBC, but got rattled today. He allowed five runs and four walks over four innings, and the Reds hit three long balls off of him. Everyone has rough starts (just as Kuma after the Brewers game), I still think Smyly will be a great contributor. Diaz had a great inning of work, allowing only one hit and striking out two.


Keep an eye on reports from camp this week, as we’ll see the last twelve cuts going into Opening Day.

Gallardo leads the M’s against San Diego tomorrow.