Mariners Spring Training Game Thirty-Six: Mariners 1, Rockies 1

Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Ariel Miranda throws during the first inning of a spring training baseball game against the Milwaukee Brewers Thursday, March 2, 2017, in Peoria, Ariz. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

I’ve mentioned before how the universe likes to spite me. Just recently, I’ve expressed my disdain for tie games in sports, particularly in Spring Training. Once I express that, the M’s go ahead and tie two straight games to finish the Spring. As we transition to the regular season, Mariner fans should be very excited. This team is more loaded than its reputation would suggest (i.e. Who on earth is Mitch Haniger?!), and they’re more than ready to win.

Gallardo Solid

 Yovani Gallardo got the start today, going for three innings. He was shut-down, allowing only two hits and nothing else. He didn’t record any strikeouts, but he also didn’t record any walks or allow any earned runs. Gallardo won’t need to be a strikeout pitcher in Safeco, so that’s not a concern at all.

Ariel Miranda, who was initially sent down to AAA and came back to the major league club to replace Smyly, went for five innings, and looked great as well. He struck out five, only walked one, and the lone run allowed came off a Nolan Arenado home run, and let’s be honest: who hasn’t given up a home run to that guy? That ended up being the only Colorado run of the game, which unfortunately ended in a tie.

Seriously, 1-1 would be an insanely boring soccer game, imagine those annoying co-workers of yours (“Bro, I can’t watch baseball, it’s sooo boring. ‘takes swig of Mountan Dew, swaps out his Steelers poster for a Patriots one’”) that Manfred is trying to appeal to. This would be a major loss if this got out, but luckily it’s tucked away in the quiet backyard that is Spring Training.

Opening Day Lineup Again

Servais sent out the same lineup today as he did yesterday, apart from Zunino starting at catcher instead of Ruiz. Unfortunately, Segura did not tear up the pitching again, but neither did anyone else. Again, this was an incredibly boring game. The only RBI of the day will be sent down to one of the lower minor league squads while the major league squad heads to Houston.

It’s been a great Spring, everyone. Haniger tore it up, Smyly unfortunately did the same, Felix looked like the King again, and the USA showed why we’re better than everyone else again.


King Felix takes the mound as the Mariners begin the regular season Monday in Houston. Keep an eye on them and Go M’s.