Mariners Spring Training Game Three: Royals 14, Mariners 3

My lack of competitive nature has been one of my greatest and worst traits throughout my life. When I was about ten years old, my baseball team was playing a pretty close game. I don’t remember the score, I just remember our coach trying to pump up the team to go out and get the win. I also remember it was raining horribly and I just wanted it to end. I’m pretty sure the umpire wanted to go home to, because I ‘struck out’ on a pitch that bounced off the plate.

The coach huddled us together and asked “Do you guys wanna go home, or do you wanna win?!” My fellow ten-year-olds all shouted “Win!” I was the lone pessimist who added “I’ll go home.” Today’s early end to play is a sign that I was the true professional in that situation, despite my lack of competitive fire. Take that, Coach.

Today’s game ended after the seventh inning due to rainy conditions, and it couldn’t have ended sooner. The Royals brought across six runs in the third, Gallardo gave up two home runs, two walks and allowed four earned runs in his lone inning of work.

Today could serve as a testament to what happens when the team doesn’t “Control the Zone”. The Mariners only drew two walks as a team, a pretty normal number but obviously much lower than yesterday’s outlier of a game, but the pitching also struggled to control the zone. Long at-bats for the Royals hitters led to an overall bad outing for Seattle.

The Mariners left twenty-four runners on base today, compared to just nine for the Royals, explaining the major run differential despite the fact that the M’s had just five fewer hits than Kansas City. Taylor Motter alone left six on base, his potential as a utility man seems to be a distant dream, but the M’s have shown they can work wonders in the minors, Zunino himself is a testament to that.

On the bright side, Segura flashed his magic at the plate with a home run and a double and drove in all three of the Mariners’ runs for the game. Perhaps the greatest news of all is that ZUNINO DREW A WALK. The Mariners’ big project at catcher is showing signs of patience. I addressed in the 2016 season review his walk numbers increasing last season, if he can keep up that patience at the plate and maintain the great power he has, he’ll be an incredible asset late in the lineup.

So, let’s forget about his one and move on. Hopefully the M’s can pull out a win tomorrow against the White Sox.