Mariners Spring Training Games 9 & 10: Double-Header

Athletics 5, Mariners 4

Felix’s last start of the Spring was surprising on several fronts. He allowed four hits and two runs, but came out of nowhere to strike out five. I’m hoping this isn’t just a Spring fluke and I can eat my words about him being on the decline. The M’s didn’t get the win, but seeing the King resemble his pre-2016 form is pretty refreshing.

Chase de Jong was saddled with the loss after allowing 1 earned run and a run scored off an error by Mike Freeman. Thyago Vieira gave up 3 walks and struck out two. The Brazilian flamethrower has shown signs of mastery in the Spring but appears to have a hard time controlling the heat. Like Icarus. Minus the wax and feathers.

Also, I’m pretty concerned about Vieira’s choice of quote and punctuation on his latest Twitter post:

“Work Hard But At The Same Time Have Fun” with a rocket and lightning bolt emoji. I feel like he could do a bit better than quoting every high school coach ever. Luckily he has less than 400 followers, hopefully he can step up his Twitter game here soon. My suggestion would be for the M’s to bring on Mike Cameron as a minor league Twitter advisor, his work in teaching Ichiro English slang upon his arrival in the States was stellar, to say the absolute least. Perhaps Thyago could benefit from his wisdom.

At the plate, Daniel Vogelbach was a keynote of this game. He turned in two hits and drove in a run today to bring his Spring average to .350. Seeing production out of him is promising, as he’s slated to start at first base for the Mariners. He’s looking sharp at the plate and in the field, and he also looks like he owns a questionable amount of those Tapout brand t-shirts with crazy graphics on them. I have nothing to base that off of, it’s just a gut feeling I have.


Dodgers 7, Mariners 3

In Glendale, Yasiel Puig flipped the crap out of his bat, Edwin Diaz showed off his arm, and the Mariners lost.

Zunino started at DH and DREW TWO WALKS GUYS ZUNINO WALKED TWICE. It’s just so great to see our little boy grow up and watch a few pitches. That’s as much a victory for Seattle as any other. Also, he struck out and grounded into a double play.

The M’s struggled overall at the plate, coming away with only five hits and three walks, a definite drop in performance compared to their games so far this Spring.

With most of the WBC participants out of camp starting this week, we’ll get a look at a lot more minor league players. They square off against the Rangers tomorrow in Peoria for another AL West matchup.