Mariners Spring Training Game Six: Mariners 6, Brewers 2

March 2, 2017 Connor 0

Guillermo Heredia, you need to knock it off. We get it, you can hit the cover off the ball. You can play all the outfield positions. You’re wicked fast. We just need you to save this for another month or so. I’m worried the curse will continue and Heredia’s dominant …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game Five: Mariners 7, Indians 4

March 1, 2017 Connor 0

Simply put, the Mariners are the hit parade this Spring. Their lowest hit total has been nine through the first five games of Spring Training, and they’re averaging thirteen hits per game thus far. Leonys Martin hopped in as Grand Marshall of the parade for today, ending with three hits, …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game Four: Mariners 8, White Sox 1

February 28, 2017 Connor 0

Guillermo Heredia is having the time of his life right now, and the Mariner outfield is looking more and more impressive every day. Granted, they won’t be swinging against AAA pitchers all season long, but what we’re seeing is run production and good at-bats from a young and inexperienced outfield. …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game Three: Royals 14, Mariners 3

February 27, 2017 Connor 0

My lack of competitive nature has been one of my greatest and worst traits throughout my life. When I was about ten years old, my baseball team was playing a pretty close game. I don’t remember the score, I just remember our coach trying to pump up the team to …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game Two: Mariners 13, Padres 2

February 26, 2017 Connor 0

The Mariners have assembled what is likely to be the most amazing group of mall-walkers in the history of consumerism. Mark my words, the first post-retirement purchase of Robinson Canó will be a flashy tracksuit that he’ll rock while pacing the floors of the mall nearest to his home. In …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game One: Mariners 13, Padres 3

February 26, 2017 Connor 0

Let’s spare the speculation for a bit and enjoy the fact that Mariner baseball is back. It’s just Spring Training, but a win is a win, everyone played their part and fulfilled their assignments, and the M’s looked pretty darn good. They broke out their Opening Day starting lineup, which …[Full Article]

Mariners 2016 Season Review

February 23, 2017 Connor 0

You know that feeling everyone had when Lori died on The Walking Dead? That feeling of pure gratification knowing that you no longer had to grudgingly give your attention to a character who simply makes things worse but plays such a crucial role in the plot? And when they’re gone …[Full Article]

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