Game 33: Mariners 10, Phillies 9

May 10, 2017 Connor 0

What on earth is going on? All of the Mariners’ starting pitchers are hurt, an outfielder assigned to AAA is leading the charge, and the M’s are refusing to be forgotten or written off. It’s beautiful, inspiring, and incredibly confusing all at the same time. Ben Freaking Gamel Not to …[Full Article]

Game 31: Mariners 8, Rangers 2

May 7, 2017 Connor 0

Chase de Jong can finally breathe easy. His beginning to the season was marred by a walk-off homer, a two-inning start, and perhaps salvaged by a solid outing between the two disasters. His solid start last night kept the Ranger bats cool yet again, and the M’s rallied behind him …[Full Article]

Game 29: Mariners 11, Angels 3

May 6, 2017 Connor 0

That second spot in the lineup is pure magic. Ben Gamel has been an absolute beast since taking over for the injured Mitch Haniger. Danny Valencia has also picked up his game since Daniel Vogelbach’s demotion. The offense from these two guys together with a stellar start from Ariel Miranda …[Full Article]

Game 23: Mariners 2, Tigers 1

April 27, 2017 Connor 0

Ben Gamel is jealous of Motter’s flow. Gamel has had two standout at-bats in the last two games, with an RBI walk yesterday, and a clutch RBI single in today’s action. His RBI proved to be the difference in a tight game. Iwakuma Back in Form Hisashi Iwakuma’s struggles through …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game Thirty-One: Mariners 7, Reds 6

March 26, 2017 Connor 0

The State of Ohio needs to hold a meeting. In this meeting, they should discuss the naming of their professional sports teams, specifically the Browns and the Reds. Perhaps the names stay the same out of respect for history, but these names have to be some of the poorest examples …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game Twenty-Three: Mariners 6, Giants 5

March 18, 2017 Connor 0

Ben Gamel’s flow isn’t quite on par with Taylor Motter’s. He’s got great volume, but the length and the majesty, for lack of a better term, falls short (no pun intended). Despite his slightly inferior locks, he took a major step up today with an outstanding defensive play in the …[Full Article]