Game 54: Mariners 5, Rockies 0

June 1, 2017 Connor 0

This game was everything we wanted it to be. Everything. All the things. Paxton is back, Cruz isn’t hurt, Zunino is creeping towards the Mendoza line, and the bullpen was lockdown. Paxton stays under pitch count, shuts down Rox Paxton’s absence has been one of the hardest to deal with. …[Full Article]

Game 53: Mariners 10, Rockies 4

May 30, 2017 Connor 0

Guys the Mariners just won three in a row and everyone’s still hurt. Actually, more people are hurt, which is awful news. Seager continues to swing a hot bat, Miranda put in another quality start, the M’s smacked the cover off the ball, and everything’s lining up for a run …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game Thirty-Six: Mariners 1, Rockies 1

April 1, 2017 Connor 0

I’ve mentioned before how the universe likes to spite me. Just recently, I’ve expressed my disdain for tie games in sports, particularly in Spring Training. Once I express that, the M’s go ahead and tie two straight games to finish the Spring. As we transition to the regular season, Mariner …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game Thirty-Five: Mariners 5, Rockies 5

March 31, 2017 Connor 0

I can’t stand these tie games. At least end the game with a coin toss or something. I can sleep at night knowing that this is something that doesn’t move on from Spring, but if they propose ties be part of the game to cut down on the length of …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game Eight: Mariners 4, Rockies 3

March 4, 2017 Connor 0

The Mariners provided a proper send-off for their twelve players participating in the World Baseball Classic on Saturday, coming away with a 4-3 win over the Colorado Rockies. We got a look at two members of this year’s starting rotation: Yovani Gallardo and James Paxton. Gallardo looked much sharper over …[Full Article]