Game 54: Mariners 5, Rockies 0

June 1, 2017 Connor 0

This game was everything we wanted it to be. Everything. All the things. Paxton is back, Cruz isn’t hurt, Zunino is creeping towards the Mendoza line, and the bullpen was lockdown. Paxton stays under pitch count, shuts down Rox Paxton’s absence has been one of the hardest to deal with. …[Full Article]

Game 22: Mariners 8, Tigers 0

April 27, 2017 Connor 0

That’s more like it. I’ll have to reluctantly adhere to the nickname “Big Maple” for Canadian James Paxton, but with how he’s been pitching I’d call him just about anything. After Tuesday’s bloodbath, the M’s put up 15 hits against van-dweller Daniel Norris and Co. and shut out the Tigers. …[Full Article]

Game 12: Mariners 5, Rangers 0

April 16, 2017 Connor 0

The Mariners’ first-half season highlights will be a huge crowd pleaser, particularly amongst women. We have Taylor Motter to thank for that. He just keeps hitting and driving in runs and dazzling the masses, and we are all thankful. Paxton and Motter were the stars of the show yesterday as …[Full Article]

Game 8: Mariners 6, Astros 0

April 10, 2017 Connor 0

Everyone’s making a fuss about this crickets they’re serving at Safeco. As one who has tried these same seasoned and cooked crickets straight from Oaxaca, here is my review: salty. That is all. Also, the Mariners won and that’s a much bigger deal than some salty crickets. Paxton Shines Despite …[Full Article]

Mariners Game Three: Astros 5, Mariners 3

April 6, 2017 Connor 0

Poor Chase de Jong. In his MLB debut, he ends up with the loss after a George Springer walk-off three-run homer in the bottom of the 13th, and a ridiculous early season stat of a 40.50 ERA. Obviously, those numbers go down as the season goes along, but if Overton …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game Eighteen: Mariners 7, White Sox 6

March 14, 2017 Connor 0

After roster cuts and a humiliating loss over the last few days, the M’s came into today’s matchup with Chicago with hopes to prove their worth, and they didn’t disappoint. James Paxton went for four innings and showed us exactly what we’ve wanted to see out of the Canadian left-hander; …[Full Article]