Mariner Spring Training Game Seventeen: Brewers 24, Mariners 3

March 13, 2017 Connor 0

Great news, the Milwaukee Brewers beat a high school JV team today. Just kidding, it was the Mariners and I’m ashamed. This is one of those moments when the coach, feigning enthusiasm, walks through the locker room saying “Alriiiiiiight! What’d we learn today?” After his team gets destroyed. Hisashi Iwakuma …[Full Article]

Mariners Spring Training Game Six: Mariners 6, Brewers 2

March 2, 2017 Connor 0

Guillermo Heredia, you need to knock it off. We get it, you can hit the cover off the ball. You can play all the outfield positions. You’re wicked fast. We just need you to save this for another month or so. I’m worried the curse will continue and Heredia’s dominant …[Full Article]