Game 58: Mariners 7, Rays 1

June 5, 2017 Connor 0

Between the killer guacamole my wife and I made and the M’s performance, this weekend was pretty stellar. The Mariners are still suffering from the injury bug, but they’re simply letting the guys they have do what they do best. Miranda had a career outing, Cruz continues to smash the …[Full Article]

Game 57: Mariners 9, Rays 2

June 4, 2017 Connor 0

I don’t think any of the Mariners will be able to give blood for a while, because they clearly brought something back with them from their road trip. It’s called offense, and it’s all but unheard of in the Pacific Northwest, at least until this season. Mike Zunino ended a …[Full Article]

Game 53: Mariners 10, Rockies 4

May 30, 2017 Connor 0

Guys the Mariners just won three in a row and everyone’s still hurt. Actually, more people are hurt, which is awful news. Seager continues to swing a hot bat, Miranda put in another quality start, the M’s smacked the cover off the ball, and everything’s lining up for a run …[Full Article]

Game 48: Mariners 4, Nationals 2

May 25, 2017 Connor 0

Scott Servais is the freaking man. After calling out the Mariners’ lack of intensity after their fifth straight loss yesterday, Servais went out to argue a strike three call on Guillermo Heredia only to be ejected. Servais doesn’t come off as the Lou Piniella, fire-breathing, hat-throwing, red-faced kind of manager, …[Full Article]

Game 35: Blue Jays 7, Mariners 2

May 12, 2017 Connor 0

It’s always really cool to see all these guys leave Seattle and do amazing things elsewhere. Except it’s actually really frustrating and probably my fault for bringing the world’s spiteful energy against the team I love. Justin Smoak had a killer game and the Mariners’ scotch tape pitching game couldn’t …[Full Article]

Game 8: Mariners 6, Astros 0

April 10, 2017 Connor 0

Everyone’s making a fuss about this crickets they’re serving at Safeco. As one who has tried these same seasoned and cooked crickets straight from Oaxaca, here is my review: salty. That is all. Also, the Mariners won and that’s a much bigger deal than some salty crickets. Paxton Shines Despite …[Full Article]

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